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So I had a crazy dream. I was babysitting a set of twins in walmart. But I could see their mum. She was sitting on the back of a car or something. I don't remember everything too well, but I know I was at walmart all day, and I was kind of stalling. So I had to pee, so I waited in line for like 8 minutes, then finally got to pee, and the weird thing was, I woke up and really had to pee, so I did. Then I went back to bed and the same dream started up. It was getting late, I remember, and the twins were getting restless. I said we could go in a little bit, but I had to pay for some stuff or something. So we were about to go, and I realised I really had to pee again. So I got this shopping cart with a piece of newspaper and sat in it, making sure no one saw me pull down my pants. Then this lady who worked there was like "uh, wtf are you doing?" and I said, "this is the bathroom, right?" and she was like "uh, no, hear, let me shoe you were it is" and then there was a broadcast like "the store will be closing in 2 seconds" and I'm freaking out. So I pee real fast and grab the twins, they're like hanging on my back like sloths or something. And then the lights go out and I finally get out of the store. Then I realise the twins are on my back and I need to take them home, so I start freaking out, but then I saw their mum, so I gave them to her. And I woke up and really had to pee.
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