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dumb dream with kid who "doesn't get" LOTR.

ok so i had a so i was randomly dating this kid from work.. the kid who "doesn't get" LOTR. right so in the dream i did not even have any idea how we were dating. but we were walking around a street over from me and these kids i used to go to school with kept pushing us cos we were in front of them, so fine we moved. then we went to my house and my stepdad kept giving me these weird lectures like i never had a bf before or something omg wtf no. then the kid i was dating went to take a shower or something so i grabbed my computer to make a lj post (haha) but i hurried up and put it away and then i tried to change my clothes but he kept walking in on me even though i was like i am trying to change my clothes! blahhhh. then idk where i went but i had to go do something and he falls asleep in my room and i am like uhm.. wtf is he living with us or something? it was soo weird. cos like i do not think i really wanted to be dating him or anything. and i think i tried to hold his hand once and he was all "ok whatever." so yeah blahhh dream.
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