Ashley über Alles (xdreamsofglassx) wrote in freakydreamers,
Ashley über Alles

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funny dream

i do not remember all of it, but at first i was at this bookstore then i got kicked out cos it was closing. so then i think i had to go somewhere and wherever i was i saw some people from my bowling team, so i asked them how the season was going and they said it was even worse than last year. hehe. so then randomly the one manager from work told me our gm had to see me so i had to go find her. at first they were making this one girl identify like fifty things you have to do at work. that was weird but then i had to go see the gm, and it was all dark and weird in the office like in a gangster movie or something. so i got kidnapped and ended up that my new 'weekend manager' position actually meant i had to clean the gm's house. hah. so i had no idea where i was until someone had a tv on and i saw a Ford commercial and it said something like "see your northern Texas Ford dealer today." erm so that is where i was. ¬.¬ but anyway so i had to do all this awful cleaning all day long like scrubbing things with toothbrushes and the whole nine yards. that is all i remember.
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