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airplane dream

so i was on a plane about to go to idk where i assume texas >.< but anyway i had to pee so i hurried up and went before the plane was gonna take off cos dher they do not let you for a while i guess. so i went in the bathroom and geez this bathroom was larger than a house. it looked more like a store with a random toliet in it. so as soon as i sit down, all these people start walking in! wtf! i locked the door.. so i was like UM trying to pee here! so they ignored me so i got really pissed off cos i dun wanna pee in front of all these people wtf so i cursed them out and they finally left. so i got done and i went back out to sit down and crap i found out of the really rude guys was someone i sat beside. so i tried to be nice for some stupid reason so i hugged this old guy and said i forgave him. ew wtf was that about. so i thought i was being nice and then he goes "well okay.. but can we go in the back and makeout?" that made me really pissed so i started beating him with my carry on bag and yelling. and no one even noticed except this woman two rows back and she goes "hey! could you keep it down?" so i said "hey! could you stop being an ugly bitch?" so for some reason, that gets the attention of the stewardess who comes up and says she needs to talk to me, and i assumed they were going to kick me off the plane, but actually they were just going to tell me my flight connections had changed, but i did not know this so i was like "oh yeah? fuck you! " and threw my luggage at them. then i ran off the plane and somehow realized all she wanted to do was talk about flight connections. so i saw this chick who works at my airport at the security screening, but now she worked at the airline counter by the gates and i was like CAN I STILL GET ON? and she said "No they are about a mile in the air" so i started sobbing. apparently, i had to fly clear out to LAX, then back to Florida, then to wherever i was going. that was dumb. the whole thing was awful. heh >.
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