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Sorry, i wrote this boringly. :\

The first part i remember was playing swordfight with Boromir and Faramir, and we were having a good ol' time until Boromir's sword got stuck in a tree, and Faramir and i were laughing at him.

Then some random thing about sneaking through this gigantic theater type building, and i think Zim was in it, but i have no idea what he was doing.

Then after i escaped, it turns out i'm on College Ave in Appleton by the PAC, and i'm pushing Peas in a wheelchair, and we're running ... well, i'm running and she's wheeling, to get away from the people i'd just escaped from. Then i jumped on the back and rode the wheelchair all the way down the hill, narrowly missing death many many times. But nobody died. Yay.

Alaska can come too.

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