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~*And in dreams...I can hear your name. And in dreams...We will meet again.*~

Monday, June 7, 2004

11:10AM - I'm bored.

I didn't dream about anything last night, because I DIDN'T SLEEP! XD

Current mood: goofy

Thursday, May 13, 2004

12:40PM - Sorry, i wrote this boringly. :\

The first part i remember was playing swordfight with Boromir and Faramir, and we were having a good ol' time until Boromir's sword got stuck in a tree, and Faramir and i were laughing at him.

Then some random thing about sneaking through this gigantic theater type building, and i think Zim was in it, but i have no idea what he was doing.

Then after i escaped, it turns out i'm on College Ave in Appleton by the PAC, and i'm pushing Peas in a wheelchair, and we're running ... well, i'm running and she's wheeling, to get away from the people i'd just escaped from. Then i jumped on the back and rode the wheelchair all the way down the hill, narrowly missing death many many times. But nobody died. Yay.

Alaska can come too.


Current mood: busy

Friday, March 12, 2004

10:37AM - airplane dream

so i was on a plane about to go to idk where i assume texas >.< but anyway i had to pee so i hurried up and went before the plane was gonna take off cos dher they do not let you for a while i guess. so i went in the bathroom and geez this bathroom was larger than a house. it looked more like a store with a random toliet in it. so as soon as i sit down, all these people start walking in! wtf! i locked the door.. so i was like UM trying to pee here! so they ignored me so i got really pissed off cos i dun wanna pee in front of all these people wtf so i cursed them out and they finally left. so i got done and i went back out to sit down and crap i found out of the really rude guys was someone i sat beside. so i tried to be nice for some stupid reason so i hugged this old guy and said i forgave him. ew wtf was that about. so i thought i was being nice and then he goes "well okay.. but can we go in the back and makeout?" that made me really pissed so i started beating him with my carry on bag and yelling. and no one even noticed except this woman two rows back and she goes "hey! could you keep it down?" so i said "hey! could you stop being an ugly bitch?" so for some reason, that gets the attention of the stewardess who comes up and says she needs to talk to me, and i assumed they were going to kick me off the plane, but actually they were just going to tell me my flight connections had changed, but i did not know this so i was like "oh yeah? fuck you! " and threw my luggage at them. then i ran off the plane and somehow realized all she wanted to do was talk about flight connections. so i saw this chick who works at my airport at the security screening, but now she worked at the airline counter by the gates and i was like CAN I STILL GET ON? and she said "No they are about a mile in the air" so i started sobbing. apparently, i had to fly clear out to LAX, then back to Florida, then to wherever i was going. that was dumb. the whole thing was awful. heh >.

Current mood: hungry

Friday, February 27, 2004

10:27AM - strange dream

alright so it started out having something to do with pirates and i might have been link cos i think i was climbing up these pirate ladders on a ship but then somehow i ended up back at work. and my shop was all weird and it was in the middle of the parking lot at Amherst (this little shopping centre place by my house) so i had to sell people all sorts of stuff like food or whatever. so at first everyone kept making me count out their change for them, which was really terrible cos i had a line that went on for a whole mile! that was crazy. but i kept getting a lot of foreign coins so i was really happy. then all the sudden this woman and her stupid kid come up and i think they order subway food so i had to get that i think so this stupid ass kid starts hitting me! well wtf he gets it right back and i am in a fight with a five year old kid >.< so we go and find a manager (now my manager randomly works at the laundromat hehe) and dher they believe me over her but i have to get a lawyer. so i go and get johnnie cochran. except not the real one.. the one like from Seinfeld. so i start telling him my story but he can not hear me so ew he tries to kiss me and i got really pissed off so he just told me to write my story down. so i go in this diner place and have to write it down on a piece of newspaper. then all these people from her side of the case are following me and trying to eavesdrop. and we are trying to get more people on our side. so then i was in my room watching tv and this is apparently some huge deal cos it is all over tv. and my bed was moved over in a different corner. and uh jon makes a random appearance in my dream cos he was sleeping so i hit him with a pillow and said, "Wake up! Texas is on tv." which it actually was not. so then i forget some of it but i think they pretty much lost the case then the kid's mom ended up being a psychic and she predicted that idk what would happen but it was something that was going to happen in fifteen years. the end.

Current mood: sleepy

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

11:25AM - funny dream

i do not remember all of it, but at first i was at this bookstore then i got kicked out cos it was closing. so then i think i had to go somewhere and wherever i was i saw some people from my bowling team, so i asked them how the season was going and they said it was even worse than last year. hehe. so then randomly the one manager from work told me our gm had to see me so i had to go find her. at first they were making this one girl identify like fifty things you have to do at work. that was weird but then i had to go see the gm, and it was all dark and weird in the office like in a gangster movie or something. so i got kidnapped and ended up that my new 'weekend manager' position actually meant i had to clean the gm's house. hah. so i had no idea where i was until someone had a tv on and i saw a Ford commercial and it said something like "see your northern Texas Ford dealer today." erm so that is where i was. ¬.¬ but anyway so i had to do all this awful cleaning all day long like scrubbing things with toothbrushes and the whole nine yards. that is all i remember.

Current mood: hungry

Monday, February 23, 2004

11:00AM - dumb dream with kid who "doesn't get" LOTR.

ok so i had a so i was randomly dating this kid from work.. the kid who "doesn't get" LOTR. right so in the dream i did not even have any idea how we were dating. but we were walking around a street over from me and these kids i used to go to school with kept pushing us cos we were in front of them, so fine we moved. then we went to my house and my stepdad kept giving me these weird lectures like i never had a bf before or something omg wtf no. then the kid i was dating went to take a shower or something so i grabbed my computer to make a lj post (haha) but i hurried up and put it away and then i tried to change my clothes but he kept walking in on me even though i was like i am trying to change my clothes! blahhhh. then idk where i went but i had to go do something and he falls asleep in my room and i am like uhm.. wtf is he living with us or something? it was soo weird. cos like i do not think i really wanted to be dating him or anything. and i think i tried to hold his hand once and he was all "ok whatever." so yeah blahhh dream.

Current mood: blah

Monday, February 9, 2004

2:47PM - postpostpost!

heyyyy... i'm posting... it's really short though

my friend krista worked in the acme i used to go to when i lived in new jersey, and these birds started coming down from the ceiling and they tried to eat all the chocolate they could find and i was hiding in a shelf and there was this other guy there and we realized that we had met at an nsync concert and he turned out to be a roadie and so he was gonna take me on tour AND THEN I WOKE UP *$&#^!!

Current mood: amused

Sunday, February 8, 2004


So I had a crazy dream. I was babysitting a set of twins in walmart. But I could see their mum. She was sitting on the back of a car or something. I don't remember everything too well, but I know I was at walmart all day, and I was kind of stalling. So I had to pee, so I waited in line for like 8 minutes, then finally got to pee, and the weird thing was, I woke up and really had to pee, so I did. Then I went back to bed and the same dream started up. It was getting late, I remember, and the twins were getting restless. I said we could go in a little bit, but I had to pay for some stuff or something. So we were about to go, and I realised I really had to pee again. So I got this shopping cart with a piece of newspaper and sat in it, making sure no one saw me pull down my pants. Then this lady who worked there was like "uh, wtf are you doing?" and I said, "this is the bathroom, right?" and she was like "uh, no, hear, let me shoe you were it is" and then there was a broadcast like "the store will be closing in 2 seconds" and I'm freaking out. So I pee real fast and grab the twins, they're like hanging on my back like sloths or something. And then the lights go out and I finally get out of the store. Then I realise the twins are on my back and I need to take them home, so I start freaking out, but then I saw their mum, so I gave them to her. And I woke up and really had to pee.

Current mood: confused

Saturday, February 7, 2004

1:17PM - weird

okay so apparently i worked at Hills (this crappy store we used to have that closed down) and my job was to pick out Halloween costumes for people. so i had to find one for this kid and i had no idea what to pick so i told him to be a pirate. well then i realized HEY that is what i should be. so instead of actually getting him the costumes and props, i got them all for myself. and i was also apparently still dating scot at the time (EW) so i called him and asked him what he thought about it and he told me i should just go to the dollar store and get the stuff cos all of it costed like 10$ each so i went next door to this dollar place and got stuff then all of the sudden it was scot, his mum, and me, and we were watching these secretly taped videos of people on airplanes.

Current mood: gloomy

Friday, January 30, 2004

12:00PM - Look, i'm POSTING! :O

Ok, first i was at school, and Shelbwise was there, and Andrew and his friend, and we were discussing something ... and then Jeremy Zisky, of all people (guy i haven't seen since 5th grade), decided he wanted more than anything to date me, so he was following me around hugging me and i was kind of like "Eurgh... i wonder where this will go."

Then i was in this aquarium place, and Reen kept wanting to put all the fish and things in one tank, only she was afraid to fish them out of their original tanks, so someone else was doing it and Reen was standing by cheering/squealing with excitement.

And then i was in my grandma's bedroom and we'd woken her up, and there were all these LotR people/creatures around, and i was telling her how we needed to make her house into a big housing area for all these LotR people because their world was too overpopulated. She didn't think that was a good idea, but we did it anyway. So all these LotR people spread out and make themselves comfortable in the house. Merry and Pippin were making out in the bathtub, fully clothed, with the water running. Then Pippin was feeding Merry pillows, for some reason, and someone called Gollum the 'circus guy,' only they spelled it Gircus, which was somehow supposed to be a pun on Andy Serkis. Which is obviously not spelled Gircus. So idk what that was about. Anyway. Then Gollum died somehow and Frodo was eating Nutella and having a foodgasm because it was so good.

Friday, January 23, 2004

5:43AM - this dream made me extremely sad

i know there is a lot more to this dream but i do not remember it. somehow i found this perfect guy. and he had some problem though. i do not remember what it was except i think it had something to do with not knowing who his dad was or something. and i was really afraid he was going to break up with me cos of that i think. so we were running around city doing funny stuff like i forgot what but we ran into food4less and i was like "you are not going to break up with me are you??" and i think he was about to, but his real dad was there and he was like wow and they talked and found out he lived near us so somehow this solved all the problems so we were happy and running around stealing bananas and making out on the conveyor belts and we were gonna run home i guess so we were running through this flowery field when all the sudden he starts choking and i am like omg wtf are you okay? and he goes "i think i have a tumor in my throat" and i was like !! so i somehow carried him to i guess it was either his house or mine and tried to call 911 and my mum was there and she was like "you can not call 911 on our fax line in case we get an important fax" and i was like "wtf THIS IS IMPORTANT" so i just used it anyway and i called them and explained that uh he was dying and they hung up on me! so i called them back and i was like "are you going to help us??" and they were like "no." and hung up. and meanwhile in the backyard the guy is having his life pass before his eyes and i can see it. and the whole thing was just depressing really.

Current mood: sad

Friday, January 16, 2004


somehow i ended up in downtown NYC at night. and instead of being really scary, there was just no one there. i was with some people, but i have no idea who they were, except one was this kinda weird guy from work and he just kept following me around going "when i was your age.." this and that. and he had to push a wheelchair around too. (yeah that is his job at the airport..) so it was just so weird cos the whole city was really dark and there was no one anywhere. so then my grandma and mum randomly appear and we are walking down the street and all the sudden there is a pool in the middle of the street and i have to stop my grandma from just walking right into it, and we found this wealthy spa in the middle of the street, and they are doing "quit smoking water aerobics" or something. i did not realize that is what they were doing, and my mum goes around shoving cigarettes in their mouths and i am like WTF?! but then i realize she is helping them not smoke?

Current mood: weird

Friday, January 9, 2004


so work told us they could not give us our schedules right now and we had to go ask Food4Less or Bordner's (those are local grocery stores) for our schedule. so we went there and i was running around everywhere looking for a schedule and i never saw one but i cheated on my diet and bought pink jelly beans cos they had all this easter candy out and they cost a dollar geez for just this tiny pack of jelly beans. so i stole them i think and i was at the checkout and this guy was inside one of those claw machines putting tshirts in it and it was all Old Navy tshirt. so somehow he threw this shirt that looked like a hundred dollar bill at me and i was like ..k..thx.. and he got mad and would not let me keep it so they told me i would have to go back to work to get my schedule so apparently i made a bunch of friends while i was there so i waved goodbye to everyone and we went to work but our airport just got really huge and apparently the olympics were taking place there. so first i went to the gift shop just to check the schedule and Carol (the one who works in the morning &trained me &is really strict about like everything) was there and she was like oh you have to work RIGHT NOW. ew. so i had to stay there for a little while, and we had all these people everywhere and all this new stuff so these German people came in and there was this Indians shirt that apparenly costed 99.99! and he was like "Should I buy it??" to his brother Otto or whatever and so they wanted to buy this whole package deal that we had in a glass case and i was freaking out since i never saw any of this stuff and i actually did not know the price of it. so they said they would come back later after the Olympics. so i ran down to this other shop we also randomly had and they had a bunch of sports stuff. but then i went to the Olympics and at first i was just watching them but then i randomly i turned into Belldandy ¬.¬ and won first place in some swimming thing. i even had her cute swimming suit on ¬.¬ then umm her boyfriend Keichii?? was there and we had a fight and there was all this like flashback thing that really makes no sense to me since i never actually saw it ¬.¬ but then we got back together sooo then i turned into some japanese girl but i still had a really cool zebra bathing suit on and then i turned into myself and accepted my reward and everything. so these German guys who wanted to buy whatever were in front of me and i was like oh crap. so then my ex was there and he kept hitting on me. ew. but apparently i liked him and we were speaking German to each other? (what the heck he can not speak German..) so anyway he turned into this girl at work o.o; that was uh.. weird. right so i got back to the gift shop to try and price check this stuff before the Germans could buy it. so i come back and Carol is taking everything down! i am like NO WAIT the Germans want to buy the horribly overpriced stuff! but she took it somewhere idk and she was really mad cos she did not know she could have sold all this stuff so she was running around cursing herself out.

Current mood: busy

Wednesday, January 7, 2004


this dream made me wake up really unhappy :-\ so i was on my way to work, but somehow they managed to change the roads overnight, so they split the road and made it really weird so i ended up going the wrong way OH NO so i tried to do a u turn ¬.¬ and i got on the right road, but it made me go the wrong way! so for some really stupid reason, instead of just turning around and going the RIGHT way, i parked in this funeral parking lot. then some guy was going to help me, but i do not know how he actually helped me. all he did was drive me up and down the road. so i got back to the funeral parking lot, and THE CAR IS GONE. also, i was randomly driving my stepdad's car instead of my suv. so this sucks. and i tried to call work to tell them what was going on, so i called but since our GM is in florida, and our other manager is on vacation, it was really hard to get ahold of someone in charge and they thought i was this other girl and was yelling at me cos i told someone to come in in the morning when they did not actually work until afternoon like WTF so that did not help any. so i was really mad and looking around for the car, but it was not there, and some girl i graduated with named Laura was randomly there. and some kid but i forget who he was. so we waited around for these funeral people to get back. so they did and i was like WHERE IS THE CAR? and he is like oh you should not just park random cars here. and i was like OH SORRY MY FREAKING CAR STALLED. so he was like ohhhh. oops. so then we walked in and my mum &stepdad were there and it costed freaking $550 to get the car back. o.o; so my mum was just going to pay it, but my stepdad starts whining that i need to pay it and blah blah. so she is like oh look there is People magazine. so then the funeral place turned into our stadium and there was a big announcement that everyone should stop buying birthday cakes, and buy everyone birthday popcorn. so they passed out all this birthday popcorn, and it was like pastel coloured. and all these stupid kids were running around with it, then it turned into an AC/DC concert, but i really had to try and leave for work. so i woke up.

Current mood: busy

Monday, January 5, 2004


i do not remember much from this dream so..

i forget why or how we got there, but we had to go to this Christian library place, and it was really weird. like they had this big list of books you were not allowed to read or these one books you were only allowed to read on October 13th. (i think Oct 13th was Halloween in my dream) so we look around for a while, then Beth (my manager from work) is the librarian i guess and she tells me i have an important phone call. alright so i go get the phone, and it is my phone from home, only it is at this library. so it's uh Jon calling to tell me all about how he bought a scooter. and he tells me about it for like a half an hour so i try to tell him about how we ended up at this weirdo library and he is like "whatever. oh that is nice. " so then my mum and grandma start yelling that we have to go. so we go to the truck and there is foreign currency all over the parking lot so we are grabbing it from everywhere and we get home and find rupees and all these gems and i wanted to get them appraised and the one jems were worth a million dollars.

p.s. it is kind of hard to read with that backround.

Current mood: awake

Saturday, January 3, 2004

2:46PM - eeeeeee.

ok well i was in school and i was walking down the hallway with my friend to her classroom. and this little 7th grader comes down the hall on rollerblades and he enters a classroom then he's like "oh shit, wrong classroom again." then he starts killing everybody. but i got away so ha.

then i walk down the hallway to peterson's classroom cause they told us to go to 2nd hour so im walking down the hall and patin walks past me and she's like "yo" but i ignore her then she keeps yelling at me but i just keep walking.

so then i enter peterson's classroom and he's like 'HEY NO, SECOND hour!!' and i'm like SHUT UP BITCH THIS *IS* MY SECOND HOUR. so then i go sit down next to my friend and she starts swimming in mid air or something and i'm like ehehehe!!


Current mood: confused

Friday, January 2, 2004

10:13PM - I know your face... Eowyn...

It was dark. I went to a party kind of thing. More like an orgy. So this one guy, he could have been, oh I don't know, 50-something was throwing the party thing. He kind of looked like Bernard Hill. So we all drink and have a great time and all. I end up on the floor with this guy, we're, you know, doing it. So everyone's around doing it and all, then the sun rises, and this guy dies on me, just dies. So I freak out and start yelling and screaming. Then his son comes home and is like "WTF HAPPENED TO MY HOUSE?? WTF HAPPENED TO MY DAD?!!!!!!!" And Bernie’'s laying there on the floor and I have like a sheet over me. So the son calls the cops and I'm like "I swear, I didn't kill him" and the son's like "YEAH RIGHT, BITCH". So I look over at the Bernard guy and there's blood all over the place. Then this cop lady comes and is like "Well we need to run some tests" so she does and she comes back and is like "Son, you owe this lady an apology" so he apologizes. It's as though the guy took too many *cough* pills, and that's how he died. So I figure I ought to go on home, so I do. And I live in this weird apartment, and I walk in at like 6 in the morning and my roommate, who just happens to be Rosario Dawson has left a note on the coffee table that says something and a donut. So I eat the donut. And then I woke up.

Current mood: horny