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strange dream

alright so it started out having something to do with pirates and i might have been link cos i think i was climbing up these pirate ladders on a ship but then somehow i ended up back at work. and my shop was all weird and it was in the middle of the parking lot at Amherst (this little shopping centre place by my house) so i had to sell people all sorts of stuff like food or whatever. so at first everyone kept making me count out their change for them, which was really terrible cos i had a line that went on for a whole mile! that was crazy. but i kept getting a lot of foreign coins so i was really happy. then all the sudden this woman and her stupid kid come up and i think they order subway food so i had to get that i think so this stupid ass kid starts hitting me! well wtf he gets it right back and i am in a fight with a five year old kid >.< so we go and find a manager (now my manager randomly works at the laundromat hehe) and dher they believe me over her but i have to get a lawyer. so i go and get johnnie cochran. except not the real one.. the one like from Seinfeld. so i start telling him my story but he can not hear me so ew he tries to kiss me and i got really pissed off so he just told me to write my story down. so i go in this diner place and have to write it down on a piece of newspaper. then all these people from her side of the case are following me and trying to eavesdrop. and we are trying to get more people on our side. so then i was in my room watching tv and this is apparently some huge deal cos it is all over tv. and my bed was moved over in a different corner. and uh jon makes a random appearance in my dream cos he was sleeping so i hit him with a pillow and said, "Wake up! Texas is on tv." which it actually was not. so then i forget some of it but i think they pretty much lost the case then the kid's mom ended up being a psychic and she predicted that idk what would happen but it was something that was going to happen in fifteen years. the end.
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