tresa (legoishminesoha) wrote in freakydreamers,

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ok well i was in school and i was walking down the hallway with my friend to her classroom. and this little 7th grader comes down the hall on rollerblades and he enters a classroom then he's like "oh shit, wrong classroom again." then he starts killing everybody. but i got away so ha.

then i walk down the hallway to peterson's classroom cause they told us to go to 2nd hour so im walking down the hall and patin walks past me and she's like "yo" but i ignore her then she keeps yelling at me but i just keep walking.

so then i enter peterson's classroom and he's like 'HEY NO, SECOND hour!!' and i'm like SHUT UP BITCH THIS *IS* MY SECOND HOUR. so then i go sit down next to my friend and she starts swimming in mid air or something and i'm like ehehehe!!

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